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We want to connect the people who have knowledge to the people who need it, to bring together people with different perspectives so they can understand each other better, and to empower everyone to share their knowledge.

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What Is Knowbosy? Everything a Beginner Needs to Know

What is Forum

Not to be confused with a form, a bulletin board (BB or Bboard), discussion forum, discussion board, and forum is an area where users share thoughts, ideas, or help by posting text messages. Forums are different from chat because it is almost never live and can be read at any time. The picture shows an example of what a forum may look like and an example of the computer hope help forum.

What is Knowbosy?

Knowbosy is a question and answer website where people go to find information. Every piece of content on the site is generated by users, meaning it is created, edited, and organized by the same people that use the website.

After hearing that description of Knowbosy, you might be thinking, “Well why don’t I just use an everyday search engine?”

We’ll tell you why. Knowbosy has some qualities that those other research tools don’t:

  • It focuses on high-quality questions and answers. 
  • It allows users to create social networks and follow topics that interest them. 
  • It enable users to vote on answers to highlight the most accurate information possible. 

Are you thinking about switching to Knowbosy for all of your information searching and sharing needs? Let’s go over the basics of Knowbosy and what you need to know before you start using it.

How to use Knowbosy

To use Knowbosy, you need to create an account. Then, you can learn the basic functions of the website. Don’t worry, they make account creation and navigation of the website pretty easy for you. Plus, it’s free!

How to create a Knowbosy account

When you first visit Knowbosy, you need to click the signup button in the upper right site. Then you will see signup form and you need to full fill it.

You can then start to follow things that interest you. Knowbosy is the perfect mix between a search engine and social media. You follow things on the website, but there is a greater emphasis on topics, like the ones shown below, rather than people. Either way, whatever you choose to follow will make up the content in your feed.

How to ask questions on Knowbosy

After you’ve created an account and chosen topics to follow, you can start using Knowbosy. This includes asking questions on the site.

To ask a question on Knowbosy, hit the green ‘what is your question’ option in the top left corner. A box that looks like the one below should pop up:

Enter your question and then hit ‘Add Question.’ Knowbosy will ask you to select and verify the topics that are relevant to this question. After that, you simply wait for people to respond.

How to answer questions on Knowbosy

On the other end of Knowbosy is the ability to answer other users’ questions.

Before we go into how you can answer questions on Knowbosy, let’s touch on why you should.

The only reason you should be answering someone’s question on Knowbosy is if you have a high quality, honest, and accurate answer. Don’t respond to user’s questions with nonsense. The only way a website like Knowbosy can thrive is if all users respect the requests and answers of others.

That being said, answering questions on Knowbosy is simple. Your feed will consist of questions related to the different topics you chose to follow. Click on one of those questions you have a solid answer for, and hit the “Answer” button.

How to upvote and downvote answers on Knowbosy

Another feature on  that is helpful to users is the Knowbosy upvote and downvote option. If you see a response on Knowbosy that you think perfectly answers the question presented, you can upvote it. On the other hand, if you see an answer that is inaccurate and uninformative, you can downvote it.

The number of upvotes and downvotes on a particular response will affect its visibility. If a response has a lot of upvotes, it is seen as valid and Knowbosy will push it to the top of the response list. If an answer has more downvotes, users see it as invalid and Knowbosy will not prioritize it for others to see.

Here’s what the screen looks like beneath the section for an answer on Knowbosy. The upvote button is labeled to the left. The downvote button is not labeled, but it is the one pointing straight down on the right. I circled it for reference:

Back to Knowbosy basics

In a world full of search engine options, finding the one that best fits your personal preference is important. Knowbosy is a great tool for anyone looking to find and share information, especially if you enjoy a more social and conversational experience when researching. If you liked what you read above, you might want to consider creating a Knowbosy account.


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